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10 Day Summer Intensive

Softness Bootcamp

Lovingly called our “Softness Bootcamp,” this 10-day clinic has something for every horse person. We practice Aibado in the mornings to gain a better sense of breathing, blending, timing, balance, and feel.

We also have cattle available to work with and have found that working cattle is all about horsemanship.


At Happy Dog Ranch

We have breakfast and lunch together (both are catered and provided at Happy Dog Ranch) and our host also has rooms available for our participants to stay in for the duration of the clinic.

Besides working with horses, there is also plenty of time to ask questions and learn more in our discussions that happen in the morning and the evening.

As an added bonus, besides learning from Mark himself, there are additional instructors helping out, with sometimes as many as five to rely on to answer your questions and help you develop your skills with your horse.

If you’ve ever dreamed of the time to focus on getting better for your horse, this is the place to be. You can check out our clinic schedule here.

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